About us

Company Philosophy:


As already mentioned under ‘Company”, the idea was to carry the old fashioned jewelry industry into the twenty first century (Keyword: “New Economy”). Since then, we strive to provide the best customer service to our clients while continuing to improve all technical aspects of our business. Our company is modeled after Viking, Zooplus, Amazon, etc.

General Rule:

We are your storage which means that you can offer items in your online store without having to purchase them before hand. We’re continuously attempting to have the entire product range available for immediate shipping. Should this not be the case, our web-shop will be updated regularly.

You order and we ship, immediately.

To continue to do better, we would be pleased if you also fill out the non required fields when opening an account and signing up with us.

The relationship to customers and external companies such as web-shop developers and merchandise operators: is of a friendship like relationship offered to almost everyone. Spending evenings together during trade fairs, personal visits, dinners and festivities are the standard rule done not as a duty but rather out of pleasure. That is why it is such a pity that distance exists between us and the customer.

Our Staff:

Work is a major part of our life, about fifty percent of the time that you don’t sleep. That is why it is important that colleagues get along with each other, and that we have an open environment where one is able to have conversations that go beyond business and you can be “yourself”, the difference between, boss, employee and freelance collaborator does not exist in our daily business. The friendships between everyone involved goes beyond regular working hours (hopefully portrayed on the image). In the event any ties between the people involved may have changed because of economic or personal reasons, the necessary steps will be taken to come up with a unanimous decision for a satisfying solution.


We are collaborating with diverse manufacturers from different Asian countries. The mentalities of Indians, Chinese, Thais, Nepalese, etc. are completely different in comparison to the European mentality. The communication in English is partially a little challenging; however we will always try our best to get excellent quality for a good price and to Berlin as fast as possible.

Best regards...the Dark-Silver-Crew


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